Investigation of CASR Gene Polymorphism in the Patients with hypothyroidism Disease in Babylon Province

Rana A. Ghalib, Ruqaya M J Awadh, Zahraa I Jameel


The calcium-sensing receptor (CaSR) is a calcium (Ca2+) sensitive G protein-coupled receptor implicated in various biological processes. In particular, it regulates Ca2+/Mg2+- homeostasis and senses interstitial Ca2+ levels and thereby controls downstream signalling cascades. The results of PCR-SSCP for CASR gene illustrated that two different haplotypes according to the numbers of bands in the CASR gene including 6 and 7 bands. While, these haplotype was detected between two groups; in hypothrodisum patient groups and control, the results indicate that was association between 6 and 7 bands in patients as compared with a control group. Conclusion: PCR-SSCP Is a good investigation technique to detection Casr gene polymorphisms in patient with hypothyroidism


Hypothyroidism, CASR, SNP, SSCP, PCR, rs1801725.

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