Evaluation of Auto-antibodies Levels in Miscarriages Women with Phospholipid Syndrome

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Raad Ajam Sayal
Ahmed Abbas Hasan
Humam Kasem Hussein
Murtadha M Jawad Kadhim


Abortion is one of the most common problem in world and associated with different causes. These may be occur due to complication of microorganism infection or associated with immunological disturbance like abortion caused by Anti-phospholipid syndrome. There are many auto-antibodies produce in this syndrome like anti-phospholipid antibodies including anti-cardiolipin and anti-b2glucoprotien antibodies .In this study ,we wish to determine whether there are a relationship between the levels of these antibodies and abortion .Thirty females patients with spontaneous abortion with ages ranged between (15-45) where taken from (Al-Hussein Medical City/Kerbala).Control group consisted of 20 healthy people who were free from history of abortion who matched in age and gender with patients . ACL (IgM and IgG), APL (IgM and IgG) and B2gp(IgMandIgG) EASIA Kit, Euroimmune assay) and was studied using the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) method. T-test and ANOVA and Pearson correlation used to analyze results by using SPSS version 24. P-value ≤ 0.05 was considered significant. The patients with age range between 15-25 years represent high percent (73.3%).19 (63.3%) of the abortion were reported in the first trimester of pregnancy. 6 patients with ACL+andB2gP- show high prevalence than other classification. The mean value of anti-cardiolipin (26.534±3.646) show a significant results in compered to controls groups. we conclude that the Anti-cardiolipin IgG levels were increased significantly when compared to other Anti-phospholipid types.

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