Evaluation of the Immunomodulatory Effects of Thymus vulgaris Ethanolic Leaf Extract Combination with Partially Purified Lipopolysaccharide from Proteus mirabilis in Mice

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Ali M Al-Dahbi
Ihsan Dhari Awad


The current study was carried out to study a high injection dose of the ethanolic extract thymus vulgaris leaf (500 ug /Kg) against the immune response combination with partially purified extracted Lipopolysaccharide ( LPS) from Proteus mirablis.Study groups were included four groups; Group I :treated with normal saline. Group II : treated with LPS antigen, Group III: injected subcutaneously ((500 ug /Kg) from ethanolic extract thymus vulgaris, group IV : injected subcutaneously (500 ug /Kg) from ethanolic extract thymus vulgaris leaf and LPS antigen, the immunological assays were measured through the phagocytic activity as (non specific immunity) after day 8 by using the phagocytic activity index.After day I4 the lymphocyte proliferations was estimated by MTT index. For delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction,the result was measured at 24, 48 and 72 hours after LPS antigens injection.While for Humoral immune response, after day 21 and day 28 the antibody production was estimated by indirect immunoflourescent and by Gel electrophoreses.The results were showed no significant difference in the NBT index between Groups but noticed Group III had a value lower than Group II, While the MTT results were revealed, Group IV had the highest value. In the other side of the study the DTH results showed Group IV had the highest value after 48 hr with significant differences (P≤0.05), in addition, the humoral immune response results were consisted gel electrophoresis and indirect immunoflourescent results showed after day 21 and day 28 Group IV had the highest value. The results was showed the ethanolic extract thymus in a high concentration combination with LPS from P. mirabilis had effects on the immune response particularly Humoral immune response and Cellular immune response but still act as anti inflammatory role as revealed in many previous studies.

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