Molecular Physical Properties of Cryogloblin in Patients With Hepatitis B Virus in Al-Najaf Province

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Ahmed Aleiwi Al Hassani
Adil Ibadi AL-Luhaiby
Mohammed Jasim Al-Shamarti


Cryoglobulins (CGs) are cold precipitating abnormal immunoglobulins. The incidence of hepatitis B was discovered to be greater in age groups (46-55 years) relative to other age groups. CGs were detected in 50 (33.3%) out of 150 patients with Hepatitis B. Three types of CGs precipitation nature were identified. Gelatinous (76%), flocculate (20%), and crystalline (4%). No relation was found between the patient’s age and CGs molecular physical properties.The cryoconite test of 50 serum samples revealed that their reversible precipitation characterizes cGs at 4ºC between 12 hours to five days, and solubility time at 37ºC ranged between half an hour and three hours.

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