Relationship Between The AMHR2 SNP (–482 A >G) With The Level of The Hormone, Oxidative Stress Status and IL-18 in PCOS Iraqi Woman

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Roaa Mohammed Jabbar
Batool Ali Ahmed
Enaas Saleh Jawad


The polycystic ovarian syndrome is a heterogeneous endocrine disorder that affected young women in child-bearing age and has severe consequences on women’s health. Many studies on the PCOS found that genetic variation is an essential factor that leads to the development of PCOS. The genetic variation in the AMHR2 and their association with PCOS gives inconstant results. The current study revealed an increment in concentration of AMH among the PCOS, and this elevation may reflect a disturbance in the normal signaling of AMH and thereby, the genetic polymorphism of Anti-mullerian hormone type 2 receptor and their potential association with the pathogenesis and phenotype of PCOS. This is the first study in Iraq concerning AMH receptor-related- PCOS. IL-18 and oxidative stress have a great impact on the severity of PCOS.

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