Production of Melanin from Aspergillus fumigatus as an Avirulence Factor

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Anmar Sael Hussein
Saja Jamal Noman


In this quantitative examination of melanin was detected in 41 isolates of fumigatus. It was found that the significance of the difference in which the production of melanin (p ˂ 0.001) was the range of melanin extracted from fumigatus between (1.2 - 3.1 mg/mL). The isolates AFU1, AFU14, AFU29, AFU30, and AFU41 indicated that the maximum production ranged between (2.9-3.1 mg/mL). 2 hours at 100°C. It has similarities with standard melanin characters, and the same chemical characters of melanin extracted from the hymen of Bjerkandara adusta have been achieved according to a study (14) meaning there is similarity with standard melanin. The overlay of IR spectra of synthetic melanin extracted from fungal cultures showed a high degree of similarity. Purification of melanin from A. fumigatus. Wave numbers shown in 3381, 2927, 1867, 1531, 1404, 1073 and 651 cm-1 The wave range can be traced to the following chemical groups: 3381 cm-1 attributed to OH bonds, 2927 cm-1 to HC or HC = 0 bonds 1404 (C-CH3), and 651 cm -1 to (acyclic) CH2 bonds.

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